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Pakshoo Co. defines the quality of products as equal to satisfaction of user, and knows it as its key for success. For achieving the satisfaction of user, it has enjoyed two important strategies, which are considered as its strong points:

1- Quality Management:
The company continuously trains its employees, and if required, provides necessary educations to those working outside this company and related to efficiency and performance of this complex.
I – This complex reviews and improves its methods permanently, so that the level of achieving the satisfaction of customer would be promoted.
II – In this regard, receiving such certificates and agreements as ISO and EFQM are examples for establishment of fundamental structures and principles of quality management.

2- Value Chain Management:
Pakshoo Co. attempts to establish partnering process between itself and suppliers of raw materials and end sellers of the finished product; and to turn, through this process, the components of supply-production-presentation chain into the relation of a working team, resulting in satisfaction of user and the society as the common goal of this system.
Effectiveness of the two mentioned strategies is in listening to the users, and applying their comments through experienced specialists of after sale services possible for following up, promoting and developing