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 Pakshoo Co. defines the quality of its products as equal to the satisfaction of the end-user, and knows this as its key to success. To maximise the satisfaction of is end-user, Pakshoo has employed two important strategies:

1. Quality Management

Golrang Industrial Group continuously trains its employees and provides education, as required, to those working outside the company, to improve efficiency.

  1. This complex constantly reviews and improves its methods, thus constantly raising its level of customer satisfaction.
  2. Certificates and agreements such as ISO and EFQM demonstrate the establishment of fundamental structures and principles of quality management.

2. Value Chain Management

Pakshoo Co. attempts to establish a partnering process between itself and suppliers of raw materials and end sellers of the finished product. Through this process, it transforms the components of supply-production-presentation chain into a team. As a result, the company is able to maximise user-satisfaction and also provide social benefits. Pakshoo products can now be found in markets across the world.

The effectiveness of the two above-mentioned strategies stems from listening to the users, and applying their comments. Experienced specialists follow up, promote and develop ideas received from users.