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The goal of Pakshoo Co. is to manufacture and to sell high quality products, that will  improve its consumers’ quality of life. Consumers know us as leaders in marketing and sales because of this commitment. Pakshoo’s core values include:

  1. Development of Hidden Demand

Market research about consumer-behaviour has helped Pakshoo identify consumer-demand. We have been able, through advertising and public-relations activities, to develop and penetrate existing markets for our current products, and to establish new markets for our latest products. Pakshoo has perfected and institutionalised methods of identification and development of markets for both, new and existing products.

  1. Creation of Successful Brands

Pakshoo has successfully created new and powerful brands, and established perfect market positions for them. In recent years, such brands as Softlan, Home Plus, Ave and Merit have been presented, and found a desirable situation in people’s memory, and captured an unexpectedly large market-share.

  1. Proper and Timely Distribution:

An excellent understanding of demographics, consumer-psychology, urban geography and retail conditions have helped Pakshoo Co. to establish an excellent distribution system. Thus, consumers always have easy access to all Pakshoo products.

  1. Being Pioneer (Leader) of Market:

Pakshoo Co. has been a pioneer in the Iranian market in the manufacture of hand washing liquid, family and baby shampoo, whitening liquid, glass cleanser and stain remover. The creation of successful brands of high-quality products, in combination with well-researched and successful methods of brand-development has made Pakshoo an innovator and market-leader in many areas.

  1. Public Confidence:

Pakshoo products have achieved high standing in people’s minds. Research substantiates the claim that Golrang, Ave and Softlan brands have captured majority market-shares in their respective product-lines.