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Pakshoo Co., manufacturing and presenting high quality products, attempts to provide its customer with essential values of its products, so that their standards of life will be promoted. Such a goal has caused the users to know us as the leader of products marketing and selling. The most important ones of such values are:

1-Development of hidden demand:
Having performed researches on the market and the behavior of users, and identified the exact demands of people, we have been able, through advertisement and information activities, to develop the present markets for more presentation of our products, and to establish new markets through production of new products. This process has been repeated so much that the methods of identification and development of demand for new products have been institutionalized in this group.

2-Creation of Successful Brands:
Creation of powerful brands, and establishment of an appropriate and exact position for them, are among other capabilities and potentials of Pakshoo Co., in such a manner that during the recent years, such brands as Softlan, Home Plus, Ave and Merit have been presented, and found a desirable situation in people’s memory, and captured more share of market than what was expected.

3- Proper and Timely Distribution:
Classification of the society people with respect to demographical and psychological factors, and establishment of findings thereto related, together with collection and compilation of the information of urban geography and retail conditions are among other values of Pakshoo Co. that enable, through establishment of an exact distribution system, the main demanders to obtain easily any of the products.

4-Being Pioneer (Leader) of Market:
Having properly and timely distributed the products, and created successful brands, and by use of methods of development of demands beside the products quality, Pakshoo Co. has been able to act as a pioneer in the Iranian market as to such products as hand washing liquid, family and baby shampoo, whitening liquid, glass cleanser and stain remover.

5-Public Confidence:
Presented products have been able to achieve a reliable standing in the people’s minds (according to researches, Golrang, Ave and Softlan have captured the most shares of users’ choices)