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Pakshoo Industrial Group: Statement of Policy

Pakshoo Industrial Group aims to improve global health and hygiene. It relies on its technical know-how to optimise living conditions and create value for all those who use any of its detergents sold under various prestigious brands.

Pakshoo aims to create an organisation that helps both, employees and consumers, to live healthy and satisfying lives. The establishment of its quality management system based on the ISO 9001:2015 standard and EFQM: 2013 and INQA model helps the company achieve these aims. Pakshoo is committed to achieving the following objectives:

  1. To create products that satisfy or exceed present and future quality expectations.
  2. To develop the people who help the company achieve its aims by upgrading their knowledge, skill, and potential, and to communicate with them in such a way that they are happy to cooperate with the company.
  3. To increase profits in export markets.
  4. To boost consumer-satisfaction by maximizing product-value for all consumers.
  5. To exercise effective quality management by means of implementation, expansion and maintenance of a process-based management system at a global level.
  6. To upgrade the quality of products through knowledge-development, establishment of joint ventures with foreign brands and utilization of modern technology.
  7. To commit itself to continuous optimization and productivity-upgrades.
  8. To take advantage of desirable outcomes (opportunities) and to prevent or alleviate undesirable outcomes (risks), with the objective of guaranteeing desired results in the management cadre.
  9. To promote organizational improvement by focusing on innovation and sustainability.

I hereby express my belief and commitment to the provisions and obligations mentioned here and pledge my full support for its execution! I expect each and every colleague to prepare the ground for the implementation of this policy. This policy is a cornerstone of the company’s determination to constantly re-evaluate and improve itself, always:

Mohammad Alemi

Member of the Board of Directors and Managing Director