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Statement of the policy of Pakshoo Industrial Group

Pakshoo Industrial Group as part of the chain of maintaining the global health and hygiene relies on its technical know-how and prestigious brands in detergent industry to act toward the aim of optimization of life conditions and creation of value for all beneficiaries.

Treading the path of organizational elevation with the aim of a balanced satisfaction of all beneficiaries   has been put atop the company’s activities. By establishment of the quality management system based on the ISO 9001:2015 standard, and an elevation based on the EFQM: 2013 and INQA model, the company presents its policy hereunder:

  1. To satisfy the present and future quality expectations of customers concerning the products;
  2. To develop the human assets of the company through upgrading the knowledge, skill, potentials, communications and preparation of the ground for their cooperation;
  3. To increase profits with a special attention to the issue of exports;
  4. To boost satisfaction of beneficiaries through creation of maximum value for them;
  5. To exercise an effective quality management by means of implementation, expansion and maintenance of a process-based management system at a global level;
  6. To upgrade the quality of products through knowledge development, establishment of joint venture with foreign brands and utilization of the modern global technology;
  7. To commit itself to continuous optimization and upgrading productivity;
  8. To take advantage of desirable outcomes (opportunities) and to prevent or alleviate undesirable outcomes (risks) toward guaranteeing the expected results in the management system of the organization;
  9. To promote organizational elevation with an innovative and sustainability goal.

Expressing my belief and commitment to the provisions and obligations mentioned in the policy and pledging my full support for its execution, I expect each and every colleague to prepare the ground for its implementation as a cornerstone for determination and reconsideration of the goals of the organization.

Mohammad Alemi

Member of the board of directors and managing director