Pakshoo’s Plan on Student’s Day

Just as the implementation of technology and innovation in our business is a need to enhance the life quality, Pakshoo is proud to take distance from the industrial world from time to time to increase happiness and motivation among the colleagues and people around.

This time again, a home-like atmosphere, filled with students’ friendliness and laughter, was on top of our priority list—visiting children whose pens and purity color our dreams and remind us of our responsibilities toward society, especially toward the most innocent and unprotected part. Pakshoo and Student's Day

The school is located in Islamabad, Varamin (with a capacity of 346 students in the morning shift and 411 students in the evening shift, with a total of 12 classes). With the most caring and committed teaching staff, the school has been devoted to students’ growth and development programs for over 50 years. Still with the lowest expenses, it highly supports and guides children to adolescence and higher education.

Pakshoo Social Activities

Pakshoo on Student’s Day in Islamabad, Varamin

Basically the plan was to invite colleagues to visit inheritors of our managing chairs and estate one more time and to create a two-way incentive for our loving colleagues and their future successors. We were heartily welcomed by the gentle principal and deputy principal of the primary School. After sharing our mutual tribulations, we finally celebrated Student’s Day on November 04, 2019.

After prize giving ceremony for the top students, Golrang gift packages were shared among children by Pakshoo Industrial Group. Then, all of a sudden, the sense of delight and excitement covered the school yard and filled our body with enthusiasm to fight for their future.

Golrang and Pakshoo Gifts for Students

At the end, it reminded us once again, that the power of community management chairs still depends upon the endurance of children’s school desks and our social health rests on the safety of our children's dreams. Students of an elementary school in Islamabad, Varamin, have a large share of their families' financial problems, while studying. May future grants them a greater occupational share than hawker, waste picker, and street seller.


Professor Hajj Mohammad Karim Fazli, the founder of the industrial group of safflower and the country's top entrepreneur, was born on May 7, 1311 in Tuyserkan city (Hamedan province). His first economic activity during his education was with his father, who is a well-known businessman from Fazal region Were considered to have...