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Major Mission of the Marketing Department

To identify the needs of the market and of consumers and thus to produce popular and profitable goods.


Market Research & Development

Market Research and Development is one of the main sections of Pakshoo Company. Marketing-skills are considered essential at all levels of Pakshoo. Pakshoo has, since 2001, moved away from traditional marketing culture, by using modern marketing techniques, with the help of experienced, internationally-known experts. Pakshoo is well-known for its innovative, creative and skillful manpower and its efficient management. The founders and senior managers of the company have recruited marketing experts since the inception of the company. These experts have helped to gather accurate and timely information about competitors and the expectations of consumers. Such information has helped prepare the ground for the implementation of the strategies and tactics necessary to control the market. Establishment of an information management system that analyses the results of the strategies and tactics applied, has generated very positive results.

In accordance with the tastes of its loyal customers, Pakshoo’s Market Research & Development Department provides consumers a wide range of brands and that include health and sanitary as well as cosmetic products and services. Market Research, CRM, Brand-management, Advertising, Market Development, Sales, Digital Media, Industrial Design, and Graphic Design are all Marketing departments. The Market Research and Development section of Pakshoo, recognises that Pakshoo is known as one of the best suppliers of health, sanitary and cosmetic products and services in the world. Accordingly, its mission is to make Pakshoo a powerful competitor in these markets.

Pakshoo has created reputable brands, and has succeeded in becoming a market-leader. It has been able to do so by providing various quality products and understanding its consumers. Pakshoo’s effective publicity and continuous communication with consumers helps it to effectively present new formulations of existing products. And this effectiveness is the direct result of paying particular attention to the marketing research and development section of the company.

Product Research & Development



The Product Research and Development Department of Pakshoo Company was launched in 1995 and received Research and Development License Number 81236 from the Ministry of Industries, in 1997. This department is considered unique among companies that manufacture detergents and sanitary materials in Iran. It has more than 10 specialists and experts.

The department was started with the idea of producing a new product or re-formulating an existing product. The process of either creating a new product or of reformulating an existing one is essentially the same. First, there is a fundamental study phase to decide what type of formulation to use. The company studies different types of raw materials, packing items, and various methods of production, to decide which would be most efficient. The company produces different prototypes and analyses them. Then there is a clinical assessment of the product and so on. Finally, the company manufactures a product that complies with pre-defined expectations and standards.

Every product must meet quality and efficiency standards while also being sustainable and free from side effects for consumers and environment. Therefore, it is imperative to have experienced specialists to conduct laboratory and clinical tests. The Product Research and Development Department makes different formulas and conducts various In-vitro and In-vivo assessments of each formulation. The company then sends a number of samples with the optimized and finalized formula to the Market Research Department to collect the opinions of end users. The Market Research Department analyzes these opinions using statistical methods.

The Product Research and Development Department then modifies the product (if necessary) in the light of these analyses. When the efficiency of the product is ensured the same process is performed for the assessment of a various range of attractive colors and scents in order to satisfy the aesthetic sense of consumers. Similar operations are carried out for the packing of the product. Efficiency, attractive design, easy consumption, sustainability, compatibility with the product and so on are all examined, one by one. In each case, the Marketing Research Department and the Product Research Department must collaborate with each other.

The Product Research Department continues to support the product after its entry into the market. In this way the subsection collects the feedback of the analyzed information of the market and focuses its activity on further optimization and improvement of the quality of the product based on customer-opinions.

The Pakshoo Product Research and Development Department records, analyzes and surveys all the data and reports of the projects’ process within the framework of ISO standards and the EFQM model. Data records and analyses are very useful for the improvement of general processes as well as for product-optimization to satisfy customers. The Product Research and Development Department helps with 6 product-lines.



Liquid soaps and body shampoos. Since these products may affect the health of the individuals who use them, Pakshoo ensures the highest levels of quality and efficiency in the formulation of these products. These types of products are always designed to compete easily against reputable foreign products. Pakshoo products in this category include scrub body shampoos, creamy liquid soaps, washing foams, etc.



Shampoos and hair conditioners. Hair nutrition, hair thickness, detangling, shine and silkiness are taken into consideration in the making of all haircare products. These products are formulated based on the latest scientific knowledge to satisfy consumer-expectations.

Pakshoo products in this category include a variety of products with attractive packs such as special shampoos, vitamix family shampoos, various baby shampoos, hair conditioners, etc.


Oral care

Toothpastes.  Baby toothpaste and many other oral care products are formulated and sent to the market in attractive and healthy packages, using the latest technology.

Products such as toothpastes are designed and formulated so that they possess several properties (such as fighting with decay, preventing tartar formation, removing or reducing bad breath, whitening, fighting gum inflammation, etc.) to protect teeth and gums. Toothpastes claiming long-term protection, whitening, anti-allergic, anti-decay, breath-freshening qualities are also produced.



Pakshoo Company is among the pioneering companies that manufacture home sanitation products. This category of products is among the first products offered to the market by Pakshoo Company. It is, therefore, of particular importance to the company. Pakshoo Company always uses the latest products, materials and technologies when creating its home-sanitation products. Pakshoo’s product-lines include dishwashing liquids, bleaches, glass cleaners, different germ-removers, multi-purpose detergents, disinfecting liquids, surface scrub cleaner, etc.



Garment detergents. Detergent powders, detergent liquids, carpet shampoos, towel and clothes softeners and bleaches are formulated based on the latest scientific achievements in fabric sector and textile industry and offered in proper and easy-to-use packages. Here, parameters such as cleaning power, stain removing, color mingling and brightening are closely monitored for the assessment of efficiency and quality of the formulated products. These tests are conducted by proper equipment such as laundrometer, tergotometer and spectraflash.


Instrument Analysis

This department is charged with the analysis and control of new raw materials required in the process of formulation of the designed products. This unit is equipped with instrumental analysis machinery such as gas chromatography, liquid chromatography and spectrophotometer to conduct research on the finished product. It is also charged with selection and design of proper methods to control the raw materials and the product.


Document and Information Center

More than 800 titles of English books about chemistry, physics, pharmaceutics, cosmetic science, microbiology, marketing, polymer, plastic, packaging in detergent industry; and more than 2000 titles of Persian books about chemistry, physics, pharmaceutics, cosmetic science, microbiology, marketing, polymer, plastic, packaging, management, human resources, law, accounting, information technology, computer self-learning, industrial psychology, etc. are kept at this center.

There is continuous contact between this center and Association of Detergent Industries, Institute of Standard and Ministry of Health. The Center also contains more than one thousand catalogs of different companies, more than 200 training pamphlets and reliable theses related with cosmetic- sanitary industry, subscription of 10 foreign journals such as:

Happi, Cosmetic & Toiletries

Packaging World, International journal for Applied Science (SOFW Journal)

Tenside Surfactants Detergents, Manufacturing Chemist


The Center subscribes to 31 titles of internal monthly and quarterly journals in various fields of research and development, detergent industries, marketing, standard, management, print and packaging, promotion, information technology, economics, plastic, cosmetics and so on is among other facilities of this center. Meanwhile, more than 400 educational discs for introduction of raw materials, formulation, color, and essence from different companies together with discs of international standards such as DIN standards, British Standards, JIS Standards, ASTM Standards, ISO Standards and ASQC Standards are also available for researchers at the center.


Honors: Research and Development


Market Development

The Market Development Department deals with the identification of markets and competitors. Provision of new goods and services with respect to updated demands of customers is essential in any type of business, something which also reveals that the business world is changing continuously. Therefore, occurrence of any new change has to be followed by new relations and interactions with customers. Here the market development subsection can help company management. Managers who work in the marketing sector look into communications and interactions between sellers, customers and distribution units.

Research conducted in this department can help company management identify both, current and loyal customers. This type of research can also help to identify potential customers.


Marketing Research

Gathering information to help the marketing managers with discretion and reaction to the marketing issues and opportunities are among the duties of this department. These issues begin with very general cases such as “diagnosis of new marketing opportunities” and continue toward particular decisions such as “pricing of a certain good or product”. The main focus of marketing and market research programs include research about products and customers, pricing, distribution, sales and advertising.


Customer Contact Department

Dealing with market complexities as well as with competitors become very easy if one has the sympathy and satisfaction of customers.

The CRM subsection of Pakshoo Company was established in 2002 on the basis of the customer-oriented outlooks of the company management. It is now rendering services to a wide range of consumers who buy an extensive variety of products.

People sometimes imagine that companies don’t care when consumers purchase goods such as food products or detergents whose quality they don’t like. Pakshoo Industrial Group proudly declares that it stands by the consumers after purchase of the products. Customers can contact Pakshoo through the contact channels of the CRM sub-section.

CRM is a bridge between the consumers and the company. This department is important because it receives the final opinions of consumers about the product. Quality is exactly what consumers seek.

The CRM department’s phone number is printed on very product-label and is also available on the Pakshoo website.

The CRM voice mail system is prepared to receive customer-comments 24 hours/day.

The contact numbers of customer service sub-section of Pakshoo Company are:

(+9821) 88879910

(+9821) 88879918


Advertising Department

Pakshoo Industrial Group, which is one of the largest detergent-production companies of Iran, gives special attention to advertisements and believes that a major part of its success is due to its good advertising practices.

Employing a specialist advertising team  and also using advertising advisors and sources from outside the company, this department provides continuous support to the Pakshoo sales team and plays a powerful role in promoting the company’s brands.

The Pakshoo advertising team has been one of the pioneers of the advertising industry in Iran, thanks to its creative campaigns and activities and utilization of modern media. It is the only advertising team in Iran whose achievements have received international recognition, at the 2018 World Festival of New York.


Mission of the Pakshoo Advertising Department

To devise strategic programs and to set annual advertising target for each brand and the group of products of each brand.

To assess the need of annual advertising within the strategy and targets set by the brand group unit.

To plan and schedule execution of advertisements (preparation of annual plan for each month and selection of the media in view of the brand status).

To better allocate the advertising budget (allocation of budget to different media based on the budget limitation).

To assess the efficacy of media and of different advertisement tools.

To survey the market and advertising activities of competitors and make periodical inspection of the advertising eco-system and show necessary reactions in view of the market share situation and movements of competitors.

To seek new methods and modern advertisement tools, model pioneer companies of the world, and compile media bank for prospective use.

To brief advertisement contractors and executors, and to execute advertising activities in line with the strategy and targets of the advertisement campaigns.

To examine the impression of the message of the designed campaigns and compliance of the devised program with the target message.

To manage the preparation and execution of the timetable of advertising packages on different occasions.