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Industrial Engineering and Production Planning sub-sections are as follows:


Overall Mission of Industrial Engineering and Production Planning


Mission of Industrial Engineering

To evaluate the capacity and performance of equipment and , to design and to modify the lay-out of equipment at the production sites accordingly.

To define the process of execution of the activities of new production projects.

To maximize productivity and reduce costs.

To estimate and assess the manpower and equipment needed for production.

To draft and control the budget and production plans.


Mission of Production Planning and Stock Control

To plan on the basis of production indices and to make necessary purchases.

To control stock and to place orders for local and foreign materials, and to eliminate items that  do not sell.

To coordinate supply, stockpile, and delivery of materials needed by partner organizations.

To coordinate the delivery and sale of all items necessary for production.


Mission of Systems Improvement

To navigate and control the improvement of all projects across all units of Pakshoo.

To manage documentation of instructions and executive by-laws of Pakshoo.

To manage processes of all field and headquarter units of Pakshoo and their documentation within the framework of the map of processes of the organization.

To facilitate and expedite the information systems of Pakshoo in cooperation with the Quality Assurance Department.