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Mission defined for the industrial engineering and production planning sub-section

  1. To draft and execute the annual budget and monthly production program of the organization on the basis of the domestic sale and exports;
  2. To prepare and follow up the materialization of the programs for the supply of raw materials and production requisites in compliance with the strategies of local and foreign purchases;
  3. To control the production project and projects of new productions toward achievement of the organizational goals and better resource management;
  4. To implement the industrial engineering plans such as assessment of the capacity of production units and warehouse, to boost productivity, to estimate manpower …
  5. To prepare performance and statistical reports;
  6. To establish and upgrade the systems infrastructures of the production sections and warehouse.

Industrial engineering and production planning sub-sections

  1. Industrial engineering
  2. Production planning
  3. Stock controlling
  4. System quality assurance and methods improvement

     Mission of industrial engineering sub-section

Mission of production planning and stock control sub-sections

Mission of improvement and systems sub-section