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Mission of Human Resources Management

Proper recruitment, optimization of new and existing manpower, maintaining and protecting manpower and effective performance of manpower.


Human Resources Departments:

  • Planning & Development
  • Recruitment
  • Property Management
  • Operations
  • Administrative and logistic of factory
  • Security & Protocol


Mission of Planning & Development

This Department will create mechanisms to supply, optimize, retain, recruit and develop the workforce by planning and establishing scientific and operational methods. This Department will also implement these mechanisms, periodical assess their effectiveness and continuously improve them.


Mission of Recruitment

To attract and recruit skillful and experienced personnel and to execute the job- classification plan.


Mission of Property Management

To plan and render general services required by the company in the domain of transportation, food distribution, and internal entertainment. Logistics will also control the gardening, and cleaning services of the general premises of the company. Moreover, Logistics will be responsible for proper care of all properties. It will control and supervise all administration buildings and warehouses, including the head office.


Mission of Operations

This department will keep personnel records, and also evaluate personnel performance. The Operations Department is responsible for keeping factories and administrative complexes clean and efficient. It is the job of Operations to find, create, and optimize all resources, including both, new and existing resources


Mission of Security & Protocol

Security controls the entry and exit of employees and visitors after they enter company-premises. Security also sets patrols to control the outside perimeter of company premises. Protocol’s job is to prevent the entry and exit of any object and property without permission and to control the quantity and type of all goods and commodities before they leave company premises.