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Mission of human resources management section

Proper recruitment, optimization of new and existing manpower, maintaining and protecting manpower and effective performance of manpower.

Human resources sub-sections

  • Human resources planning and development
  • Personnel affairs
  • Logistic services
  • Administration and logistic of the complex
  • Administrative and logistic of factory
  • Disciplinary

Mission of human resources planning and development sub-section

To plan and implement all the issues relevant to supply, optimization, retention, recruitment and development of human workforce by means of planning and establishment of scientific and operational methods, implementation of these mechanisms, periodical assessment and reconsideration of these mechanisms toward continuous improvement.

Mission of personnel affairs sub-section

To attract and recruit skillful and experienced forces, to carry out all the personnel affairs, to issue personnel orders, and execute the affairs relevant to the jobs classification plan.

Mission of logistic services sub-section

To plan and render general services required by the company in the domain of transportation, food distribution, internal entertainment, controlling of gardening, cleaning services of the general premises of the company, property caretaking and controlling and supervision over the administrative properties, warehouses and head office of the company.

Mission of administration and logistic of the complex and factories sub-section

To record, control and calculate the personnel performance, to plan in the area of general services required by the company, to render cleaning services in general premises o the company, to optimize the new and existing forces, to retain and maintain the forces and their effective application.

Mission of disciplinary sub-section

To control the entry and exit of callers, to prevent the entry and exit of any object and property without permission, to control the quantity and type of commodity before its exit, to maintain patrol outside the company and maintain security there.