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Mr. Haj Mohammad Karim Fazli founded Pakshoo Industrial Group (a public joint stock company) in 1972. A great deal of intellectual, material and spiritual effort went into the creation of this great company. Mr. Haj Mohammad Karim Fazli guided the round-the-clock efforts of his associates and a group of the Iranian engineers and specialists.

The founder of Golrang Industrial Group and one of the greatest entrepreneurs of Iran, Mr. Mohammad Karim Fazli, was born on Apr. 27, 1932 in Tuiserkan-Hamedan. He started various businesses, while he was still a student, with his father, who was himself already a reputable and knowledgeable merchant, in the detergent business, at the time.

Mr. Fazli married at the age of 20. To make a better life for his family, he traveled to other cities of Hamedan in search of business opportunities. Soon, he reached Tehran, where, within three years, he established himself as a successful businessman.

He decided to establish a great manufacturing and industrial unit that focused on detergents because of his experience with detergents during his adolescence. He started by producing dish washing liquid. Then, in the early 1340s (1960s) he added whitener, and then Super Golrang clothes washing powder, stain remover, glass cleanser and clothes softener.

Eventually, Mr. Fazli established, and became the Chairman of the Board of, the Golrang Industrial Group (GIG). GIG manufactures all types of shampoos, hand washing liquids, toothpastes, tissues and almost all sanitary and detergent products, under various brands such as Golrang, Ave, Softlan, etc. This group, including such different companies as Pakshoo, Golrang Pakhsh, Golpakhsh Aval, Padideh Shimi Nili, etc., is one of the most dynamic industrial groups in Iran. It originated in the private sector and relied on public confidence. Golrang Industrial Group is now one of the most important industrial groups of Iran.

Products of the company with the brand names of Golrang, AVE, Softlan, Merident and Home Plus have a special status in the Iranian market and a special place in the hearts of Iranian consumers.

Mr. Mohammad Karim Fazli, and the complex he has established, have both won many prizes and letters of commendation:

  •   He received the prize of Superior Entrepreneur and Outstanding Employer in 2005, and the Golden Statue of the 4th International Festival of Green Economy in 2007.


  •   The Ministry of Industries & Mines elected him as an exemplary entrepreneur.


  •   The Minister of Industries & Mines awarded him with the Golden Decoration of Research & Development.


  •   Mr. Fazli has also received a Letter of Commendation as the State Exemplary Exporter.


  •   Mr. Fazli has also excelled in the area of social responsibilities. He has written a Memorandum of Agreement to express Golrang’s support of the UNICEF effort to benefit Iranian children.


  •   The 3rd Festival of the Champions of Industry, held on Nov. 28, 2007, felicitated Mr. Fazli as the founder of Golrang Industrial Group.