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Mission defined for financial section

Procurement and supply of raw materials and production and packaging requisites of factories and those of the head office from local markets and supply of the produced raw materials to other related companies and industries; timely procurement and supply of quality raw materials needed by factories at the lowest price from the markets outside Iran.

Commercial sub-sections


  1. Printing
  2. Raw materials
  3. Supply
  4. Foreign purchases
  5. Banking and custom affairs

Mission of printing sub-section

  • To find new local and foreign sources ad to purchase printing and packaging requisites in compliance with necessary parameters and standards and with the aim of maintaining and upgrading the quality of printing and packaging requirements of Pakshoo Company.


Mission of raw materials sub-section

  • To procure and supply the raw materials needed by the company from local markets.

Mission of supply sub-section

  • To procure all the requisites of the company including technical equipments, computers, office tools (except for raw materials and packaging requisites)

Mission of foreign purchases sub-section

  • To procure and supply quality raw materials needed by the factories from the markets outside Iran at the lowest price in the shortest possible time.

Mission of banking and custom affairs sub-section

  • To open documentary credits, to make corrections, to receive the document, to clear the imported goods and to carry out the insurance and inspection procedures.