Missions of Human Resource Management

Missions of Human Resource Management
Appropriate exploitation of resources; improving current and future human resources; to keep the resources and to apply them in appropriate and effective manner

Subdivisions of Human Resource Department

a) Human Resource Planning and Development
b) Employees’ Affairs
c) Logistics
d) Organizational Administrative Affairs and Supply
e) Factory Administrative Affairs and Supply
f) Security

Missions of HR Planning and Development

Planning and implementation of all affairs related to supply, improvement, keeping, exploitation, and development of human resources through practical and operational plans and methods; implementation of such mechanisms for periodical evaluation and revision on the mechanisms in order to achieve continuous growth

Missions of Employees’ Affairs

Employment and recruit of experienced skilful forces; performing all personnel affairs; issuing orders; performing actions in relation to job classification plan

Missions of Logistics

Planning and rendering general services for transportation, foods and dining, internal accommodations; gardening; cleaning the public areas in the company; control and supervision on inventories, financial assets, and the warehouses of head office

Missions of Organizational and Factory Administrative Affairs and Supply

Recording, controlling, and evaluating employees’ performance; planning for rendering general services; cleaning up the public areas in the company; improving current and future resources; keeping the resources for appropriate applications

Missions of Security

Door keeping; having control over unauthorized entrance or exit of assets; controlling the amount and type of goods at the exit; security measures; patrolling outside the company