Production Plants

(Pakshoo II and Pakshoo III)
Pakshoo II and Pakshoo III Plants manufacture liquid detergents. Pakshoo II is located at Dr. Abidi St, 8th km Karaj Special Road, while Pakshoo III is located at Alborz Industrial Town, Qazvin.

Per-case Production Department and Technical and Engineering Department are also located at Pakshoo II.

Missions assigned to Plants

Controlling production processes and comprehensive planning for Plants; systematic direction of Plants towards organizational qualitative policies

Subdivisions of Production Plants (Pakshoo 2 and Pakshoo 3)

a) Per-case production (By-Commission Production)
b) Production Engineering
c) Production

Missions of Per-Case Production

Joint work with Production Planning Subdivision for preparing monthly production plans for per-case units based on the available capacities and potential problems

Missions of Production Engineering

Preparing flowcharts for coordination of supply divisions in Plants, inventories, and production units in order to implement monthly production plans and performing engineering measures for optimization of production processes

Missions of Production Subdivision

Production of high-quality goods based on latest versions of national standards for fulfillment of customers’ needs inside and outside the country in accordance to plans prepared by Production Planning.