Customer Service

 “To reach to customers and to fulfill their needs mean improved competitive advantage and overcoming the complexities of market; and this is what all organizations are looking for”
Pakshoo’s Customer Service Center was established in 2002 based on customer-oriented view in the company in order to provide consumers with variety of services. The center is continuing to deliver services in a broad area and for a wide range of products.

Customers are introduced to the service center through a hot-line phone number printed on products labels as well as calling cards distributed to them by company’s representatives at chain stores.

A voice mail and public relations system is working 24/7 to receive customers’ opinions

Customers’ feedbacks are categorized as follows:

1) Complaints
2) Suggestions
3) Acknowledgments
4) Others


The service center is obliged to take required actions to investigate and remedy issues in case odf any complaints from costumers.

If such complaints are about the quality of products, the center records details information and refer the issue to R&D, QC, and other departments to review the problem and take the required actions.


The center sends suggestions received from customers to the Suggestion Review Board. If the suggestion can be implemented, the center sends an acknowledgement to customer.


Customers’ Acknowledgements always encourage the company and the employees to improve the quality of products and services.


Customers’ questions about the quality and how to use the products are welcomed by the service center. A report on the performance of the center is delivered to management on monthly basis.

Service Center Contacts

+98-21-88879910 , +98-88879918