Marketing and R&D Department

The department is among value-creating departments in the business.

MRD’s Policies and Objectives

MRD tries to discover the needs of market and consumers and to provide the company with information required for production of goods and products as well as for profitability of the company.

Introduction to Marketing and R&D Department

A central division in Pakshoo Co is Marketing and R&D Department (MRD). Since founders and senior managers of the company always regarded marketing as an important activity and a deeply rooted culture, skilful personnel were employed to run marketing department making use of experts’ helps in order to build up the organization and develop the company. Marketing, in its modern and scientific form, started at the company in 2001 by the assistance of experts and specialists from international companies.

The sub-divisions R&D, Marketing Research, Customer Service Center, Brand Management and Promotion, Computer Site, and Library are located at this department.

Marketing is becoming a common practice in all levels of Pakshoo Co.

Acting in accordance to company’s outlook (which is to build an image of the company as one of the best providers of health and cosmetic products and services in the world), and in order to realize the objectives (to be a well-known brand and to respect the taste of loyal costumers), MRD attempts to provide the public with a wide selection of health and cosmetic products and services by relying on innovation, skills, effective management of supply chain, and supply of brands. The company hopes to protect the interests of its customers at all level of supply chain by appropriate management over the value chain through determining marketing mix strategies.

Creating an information management system and making investments required in the area has helped the company obtain accurate and real time information on market status, competitors, and consumers’ demands which, in turn, paved the way for setting strategies, and for implementation and control of tactics.

This special attention to MRD has led to many advantages including creation of well-known brands, more success compared to competitors, supply of variety of high quality products as demanded by consumers, leading many product markets, effective promotion, innovation and improvement in old formulations, etc.