Our Policies

1) Understanding the needs of customers, and satisfying their requests through presentation of various and new products and goods, aimed at making the customers pleased, and having an appropriate hold of the market.

2) Promoting the knowledge, skill and ability of employees as the source of thoughts and the most valuable capitals of the company, aimed at achieving the qualitative goals in their life and career.

3) Enhancing the power of competition in the market, and providing better services to the customers through optimization of expenses and utilization of the maximum capacities available for production of high quality products.

4) Developing and increasing the export share of company products in line with economic development of the country, and for the purpose of joining the great companies of the world.

5) Attracting and developing the participation of employees in provision of modern methods of work, aimed at continuous improvement.

6) Managers and employees of Pakshoo Co. believe in satisfaction of requirements of quality management system, aimed at organizational growth, as an efficient organization.