History of Company

Pakshoo Industrial Group (Private Joint Stock) was founded in 1972 with mental and material investments of Mr. Mohammad Karim Fazli as well as permanent attempts of him and a number of Iranian engineers and specialists. Having applied the state-of-the-art know how, and enjoyed the endeavors of its specialist and hardworking associates, Pakshoo Co. is considered as the pioneer and creative company in the area of detergents industry, and can be named as one of the greatest and most credible companies of Iranian private sector in the area of detergents, cosmetics and toiletries. Products of this company, under such brands of Golrang, Ave, Softlan, Homeplus, Spif, Airi, Lamis, Goldent and Merident are of a special standing in the Iranian market and from the viewpoint of Iranian users, and have developed to the markets of other countries as well.
From among the products of the early years of establishment, hand washing liquid, whitening liquid, towel and clothes softening liquid, glass cleanser, stain remover and carpet shampoo can be referred to. During the next years, types of shampoo, hand washing liquid, toothpaste and hair conditioner in various colors and packages were added through hard attempts.
Pakshoo Co. defines the quality of products as equal to satisfaction of user, and knows it as its key for success.